About Us

Corethics is an independent all-volunteer run charity established to create sustainable and thriving communities in the developing world.


There are around 700 million people living in extreme poverty around the world (less than $2 per day). Poverty is a result of social and environmental factors such as low wages, no access to clean water, and the lack of transparent and effective governance to support communities.


Corethics purpose is to bring affordable innovation to the developing world through a community-led and ethical approach. We believe there are new ways of solving global problems and we're pioneering the way!


"We're not afraid of trying new things to solve old problems"

We know that solutions to some of the world's biggest problems are already in reach. Corethics places itself as the conduit between solutions and those communities affected to bring about change. We offer a platform for Sustainability, Equity, Empowerment, and Ethics to thrive.


Bali, Indonesia

Our Bali, Indonesia program focuses on the protection, conservation, and education of the life-sustaining natural resource of water. We uncover the connection between tourism, fashion, and natural resource scarcity and pollution as an invitation to those who love Bali (travel and fashion) to join us in giving back to this unique and precious island ~ the Island of the Gods ~







Upcoming Fundraiser Uncovers the TRUTH About Fashion

Want to learn the "Truth about Fashion"? Hear from our expert panel as they share their first-hand experiences as a fashion designer, chemical engineer, and former Oxfam Labour Rights & Advocacy Coordinator.



Young powerhouse and Eat Your Water founder, Liam Scanlan joins our expert panel at our upcoming "Truth About Fashion" fundraiser.

So, what truth about fashion stands out for Liam? "Just because something is sustainable doesn't make it ethical".

Come along on 28th May and meet experts in the fashion industry to help deepen your knowledge of the truth about fashion and how you can make a difference.



A screening of the ground-breaking documentary "River Blue" which examines the destruction of river systems around the world, its effect on humanity and the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future will take place Saturday 28th May 2022. Proceeds will support Corethics #Waste4Wealth project, addressing social and environmental issues in the fashion industry close to home in Bali, Indonesia. Secure your tickets today. 





WIN! Hand-drawn "Bali Myna bird" Artwork valued at over $500

Go in the draw to win this one-of-a-kind beautiful "Bali Myna bird" drawing by local Sydney artist, Matthew Georgevits (A2). The Bali Myna, aka Bali Starling, is the only endemic bird in Bali and can be found exclusively in Bali Barat National Park. A precious piece to add to your home. Tickets are $5 each open to those who can and cannot attend the fundraiser. Buy tickets here. 


Join the Team

We are always on the lookout for passionate, driven, kind, and creative souls to help power our cause. New positions are uploaded regularly. Welcoming diversity in culture, skills, and knowledge from around the country and across the world. Corethics awaits you!