Corethics  Ltd.

Corethics Limited is a Not-for-Profit dedicated to improving water, sustainability, and ensuring safe and fair workplaces. We consult, report, implement, and train. 

"We make ethics easy"

About Corethics

Our mission?
To transform tourism into a pathway toward peace in the developing world by keeping ethics at the core of business

Tourism plays a key role in the success of the textiles industry in Bali. Thousands of tourists fill the island year on year enjoying handicrafts, garments, and accessories.

On the flip side of this?

 With our socio-enviro solutions brands are able to improve wastewater, sustainability, and worker policies & practices all while meeting International Standards.  
Our Certification works together with small Enterprises to seek out solutions to social and environmental impacts of manufacturing. We consult, report, implement, mediate, and train.

This is recognised through Certified Corethics which provides transparency, empowerment, and opens a pathway toward ethical futures. 
By transforming tourism into a positive vehicle for change we can improve water quality, sustainability, human rights and preserve Balinese culture through ethical policies and practices.

Wastewater treatment solutions can have an incredible impact on the health of workers and the environment

70 million people are employed in the textiles industry worldwide

Safe and fair workplaces are the key to a prosperous and ethical future