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Why #waterforbali is a Story of Tourism

From water depletion to water pollution, understand why and what you can do.

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Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Aussie travelers were in the top 3 most frequent flyers to Bali, Indonesia. This is important because 80% of Bali’s economy relies on tourism, and tourism uses 65% of Bali’s depleting water sources. And, when you consider 60% of Bali’s water table is declared dry you can start to put the pieces together as to why clean #waterforbali is every Australian and every tourist's responsibility.

Image @CassieGallegos on Unsplash

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6 Ways to Start Ethics in Your Supply Chain Today

So, you’ve been thinking of how you can become an ethical, sustainable, or eco-fashion brand? There is no hard or fast way to guarantee ethics in your supply chain.

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Why prioritising green manufacturing in the developing world will create lasting change

Climate change is here right now and manufacturing is affecting and helping at the same time. Affecting because the sector consumes lots of energy and other resources and emits large amounts of greenhouse gases which exacerbate environmental problems

Photo @Pixabay

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