Transforming Tourism toward a pathway for peace

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  1. Natural Environment Tourism for host countries can require high amounts of natural resources to accomodate their guests. For example, in Bali 80% of its economy depends on tourism and tourism relies on 60% of water. As a result, Bali is facing a water crisis with many hands working toward restoring and treating depleting levels, and educating on water use.
  2. Social Justice Our goals are to protect and promote the well-being of local people, dignity for workers, and sustainable and thriving living environments for "host countries".
  3. Sustainable Development Practical solutions that are innovative and accessible to local populations is key. Renewable energy and organic farming practices are just some of these solutions.
Our Global Commitment
As an Australian Registered Not-for-Profit, we not only seek to reach our goals within an Asia-Pacific context but are also committed to global goals.

Corethics is a signatory to the  Berlin Declaration on Transforming Tourism and seeks to tackle the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals #6 and #12.