Raising Indigenous Voices Australia: 26 Jan - Corethics

Raising Indigenous Voices Australia: 26 Jan


This Thursday 26 January is a public holiday in Australia in recognition of the arrival of the First Fleet. Colonisation continues to have brutal impacts on the lives of our first nations people, one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

Corethics is an organisation whose mission is to raise the voices of indigenous peoples on our shared Planet Earth. I invite you to stand in solidarity with our indigenous brothers and sisters by learning and sharing their culture. There is so much to love and learn from art, music, film, dance plus more. 


Check out local events happening across the country and keep indigenous culture alive by recognising and paying respects to their harrowing history and struggle for survival. We can’t change the past but we sure can write a harmonious future together.

When we immerse ourselves we can create a deeper connection and through this connection can we foster a more united and peaceful society. One that reflects truth telling, trust, and tribe (community). We can all contribute to the protection and preservation of the wisdoms of indigenous culture through simple acts. How? Connect, Listen, Read, Watch, and Shop.

Connect: Ngarrama– ‘To sit, listen and know’

If you are in Newcastle, NSW join indigenous-led NGO, Awabakal at King Edward Park, The Hill 6.15pm-9pm Wednesday 25th January 2023. The event will be a time for listening and quiet reflection through the sharing of stories, knowledge and culture.

The program will include a smoking ceremony, welcome to country, traditional dance, music, storytelling and knowledge sharing. The event is free but RSVP is encouraged. Full details here


Listen: The Legendary Gurrumul

Enjoy the incredible late, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu song “Bayini" ft. Sarah Blasko.


Read: The Right to Water

“Water is the life for us all. It’s the main part. If we are gonna lose that I don’t know where we gonna stand. If that water go away, everything will die. That’s the power of water. He connect with the land. Pukarrikarra (the dreaming) put ‘em all together. One life.” — John ‘Dudu’ Nangkiriyn. Read the full blog from AIATSIS's Mia Stone and Lilli Ireland here


Watch: Indigenous Films

If the couch is calling, Yarn have you covered with their Top 10 Indigenous Australian Films to Watch. From Satellite Boy to the hilariously warming Top End Wedding, there’s plenty of gems to immerse yourself in.


Shop: Support Indigenous owned

Supply Nation is your one stop platform to find indigenous owned businesses from a range of sectors from IT to construction. Keep them saved to your favourites for any future personal or work needs. Where ever you do come across Indigenous art or products ask the seller how the money raised gives back to community and supports Indigenous artists directly. Be mindful of cultural appropriation.