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"We can't wait for Governments to act on Climate Change...we have the power, as a community, to lead the way."

An "invisible" threat to human and environmental health continues without resolve in Bali, Indonesia - toxic chemical pollution from industry. Unfortunately, Bali is already suffering a water shortage, so protecting what resources they do have is crucial to their recovery. If we don't change the industry, we'll keep cooking our planet!

Above: Badung River in Denpasar, Bali turns red from nearby industrial wastewater. Photo credit @AgungBayuBaliExpress

What's the situation?

  • Wastewater dumping in the Tukad Badung (river) reported 
  • Lack of research on the extent of pollution and its impacts
  • Education, infrastructure, and economic barriers
  • Wastewater treatment solutions are often complex and expensive 
  • Small factory workers are living on the edge of poverty
  • Toxic chemicals pose a serious threat to human health and biodiversity


Photo credit @RaphaëlMenesclou on Unsplash

Why is this important?

  • Local communities rely on river systems to bathe, wash clothing, cooking, and domestic watering
  • The manufacturing industry is cooking our planet
  • The issue extends out across Southeast Asia
  • Water predicted to be the cause of future global conflict
  • Regional security means it is in the interest of all Australians
  • Aussies in top 3 travellers to Bali
  • Opportunity to turn waste [water] into wealth [clean energy and organic by-products]


Photo credit @TomFisk on Pexels

Corethics Solution 

We take an evidence-based approach that involves scientific research to determine an affordable and appropriate technology for the Balinese community. 

The opportunities and benefits of our work:

  • Water security (water reuse)
  • Sustainable future (clean energy extraction)
  • Revenue stream (fertiliser)
  • Safe & Healthy workers (ethical practices)
  • Healthy ecosystems (circular wastewater treatment solutions)
  • Job security (sustainable industry)
  • Education for beneficiaries (empowerment)
  • Open-source research (via university partnerships)
  • Strengthen Aus-Indo relations (Corethics x Kopernik partnership, industry x universities)


We need $30K to kick start our project, and here's what we'll do with your contribution. 

There are 3 phases to our Waste 4 Wealth Project.

  • In partnership with Kopernik, Phase 1 is a discovery mission to uncover how serious the chemical pollution problem is in Bali and how we might best solve it. We'll make our findings publicly available to aid in a concerted effort to reduce environmental and human impact by the textiles and the food and beverage industry. 
  • Phase 2 will draw on findings from Phase 1 and pilot appropriate technology to treat wastewater with an opportunity to recycle the water for reuse and extract by-products like fertiliser and biogas.
  • Phase 3 will involve fine-tuning our approach and offering our solution to factories across Bali with a goal of extending out across Southeast Asia.


Our Theory of Change



Download Corethics Theory of Change

Why choose Corethics?

Our Board of Directors carry expertise in Chemical Engineering, lived Cultural knowledge and understanding, and International Development to inform and pioneer this project. And to instil confidence in our donors, we are guided by strong Accounting, Finance, and Legal expertise. You can learn more about our Board here

As our name suggests, we value ethics in everything we do and take a considered approach to our research design that is community-led, ethical, and innovative.

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Expansion Roadmap 2023-2025

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