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Water 4 Bali

The beautiful "Island of the Gods" is a favoured holiday destination for its idyllic beaches, surf, yoga, spiritual retreats, and UNESCO-listed rice fields. But did you know Bali is facing a water crisis?

Key Facts

  • 60% of Bali's water table was declared dry (Cole, 2012)
  • 75% of Bali's available water supply is used by the tourism industry
  • Over tourism is one of the main causes of depleting water supplies
  • The average tourist uses up to 3 times the amount of water compared to local
  • Water scarcity is at the core of plastic pollution issue



Gratitude to Give

The team at Corethics feels a deep sense of gratitude that we are fortunate enough to have clean running water available to us every day. That is why we believe clean water should be available for our neighbours in Bali too. 

Our Solution

Corethics has partnered with local NGO IDEP Foundation to support their Bali Water Protection program which offers an effective and long-term solution to water depletion. This includes three sub-programs:

Adopt a Well

Implementation of recharge wells across the island (Goal: 132)

Adopt a River

Roll out of water stewardship education to elementary school children (Goal:133)

Adopt Water

Aims to reach everyone that resides in Bali, from locals, tourists, and ex-pats. This campaign calls on Bali’s spiritual, local, political, civil leadership, and everyone that resides in Bali to give attention and responsibility to address the island’s diminishing water table and rapidly dropping levels of freshwater availability to ensure Bali’s present and future water sovereignty and supply resilience (Goal: 10 campaigns per year ongoing)


Ready to make a change?


Other Ways to Donate


Water for Bali Annual Fundraiser

We invite you to join us for a special evening to celebrate the coming together of Australian and Indonesian culture through film, thanks to Australia Indonesia Centre. This an opportunity to learn more about our project, meet the team behind Corethics, kick back, and be entertained. Held every 3rd weekend in October coinciding with National Water Week. Full details via the event page.

We hope you will join us for a truly memorable evening. 


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