10 reasons to Tune in this Friday to Support Corethics - Corethics

10 reasons to Tune in this Friday to Support Corethics

10 Reasons to Tune in This Friday to Support Corethics


In case you haven’t been following Corethics since its beginnings in 2018, this Friday’s launch of our 1st Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bali, Indonesia is a big deal. Why?

  1. The textiles industry is traditionally a very private sector to deal with. In fact, only 1 out of 20 manufacturers agreed to pilot with us. Fear of being reported, shame, or reputational damage are often barriers to change. Thanks to the commitment of Pak Pargi to our Waste 4 Wealth Program our life changing work is made possible.
  2. Readiness for change in the fashion supply chain varies incredibly. To be able to implement this wastewater treatment plant in Denpasar is a cornerstone to building a sustainable fashion industry in Bali. 
  3. Wastewater Treatment solutions are expensive. This is one of the main reasons why they are not in wide scale use in developing countries. Corethics is helping to overcome this.
  4. Navigating the complexities of a project like this is not easy in Australia. It takes patience, problem-solving skills, and a great deal of Plan B’s to execute in Indonesia. 
  5. This is not our 1st attempt. We learnt from our 2018 pilot that establishing partnerships with thoroughly vetted organisations will be the key to success. We’re resilient.
  6. We are an all-volunteer-run organisation! All of this incredible work is thanks to the willingness, shared vision, and energy force of hundreds of people across the world from Australia, Africa, Europe, and Asia. 
  7. This Wastewater Treatment plant will treat 1 million litres of toxic chemical water in just its 1st year of operation!
  8. We’re helping protect the environment in Bali, conserve limited resources, and prioritise poor communities to ensure poverty is overcome today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Creating a sustainable society. 
  9. Unfortunately, flooding causes holding tanks (chemical water) to overflow and spill into surrounding rivers and agricultural lands. Chemicals ending up on our plate! Our solution stops this
  10. To harness the abundance of rainfall, our friends at Mullane Foundation have partnered up with us to build a vertical garden and support with plumbing expertise. To help reduce flooding on site, bring benefits to the local community, create more green space in very built-up concrete areas, and provide a food source are just some of the benefits we’re creating together.

So, pop it in your diary and share your lunch break with us this Friday, 19th April 2024, 12 pm - 2 pm AEST / 10 am - 12 pm AWST/GMT+8. RSVP for a link via our website.