DGR Charity Status - Corethics

Corethics becomes Deductible Gift Recipient Charity

Your Gifts are Now Tax Deductible

Image @KatyaWolf via Pexels
Corethics is pleased to announce they have joined the list of Deductible Gift Recipient Charities. All donations $2 and above from 21 November 2023 will be eligible to claim a tax deduction.  
This is great news for our supporters, just in time for Christmas! 
Supporters can now take advantage of Workplace Giving arrangements with their employer and make donations to Corethics using their pre-tax income. This option makes it super easy to give back and as an added bonus reduces your taxable income. Just get in touch with your payroll to elect Corethics as your preferred charity. Other workplace giving arrangements may include matched giving and volunteering hours.
Coming soon. If you're on social media you can choose to dedicate your birthday (or any other day of the year) to a Corethics fundraiser! It's super simple to do and won't cost you anything.
For complete and up to date information head to the ATO website or talk through your unique situation with a financial professional.