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Corethics splashes out for Bali with a Charity Gala event to be held in Newcastle


August 2023. Newcastle Charity, Corethics have announced their inaugural gala evening, “Indigo” to be held in March 2024. The event is expected to attract interest from water industry professionals and those with an interest in the plight for global sustainability. Proceeds from the event will support the implementation of treatment solutions, education and ongoing operational support for textiles wastewater treatment across Bali through Corethics’ #waste4wealth project.

Toxic wastewater is being discharged into Tukad Badung (river) from more than 50 local textiles factories in Denpasar, Bali. This remains a significant problem for local communities who rely on the river for daily washing, bathing, domestic watering and food production.” says Marnie Coates, Principal Engineer and Director of Corethics,  “Workers in these small factories are often faced with economic, educational, and regulatory barriers and are living on the edge of poverty. Practical, low-cost treatment solutions are urgently required to improve the outlook for those who rely on the river for basic needs and for the long-term sustainability of the Indonesian textiles industry

Corethics will be seeking corporate sponsorship for the Gala event in the coming months, with tickets available for general purchase from December. “It’s going to be an industry event that people can feel good about. Come along for a night of great food and entertainment and leave knowing that you’ve made a real difference for our much-loved neighbours in Bali” 

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Contact: Marnie Coates - [email protected]

Marnie Coates is a chemical engineer and Board Director for Corethics. Corethics is an independent, all-volunteer, not-for-profit organisation established to create thriving and sustainable communities in the developing world. Their #waste4wealth addresses pollution from the textiles industry through education and driving community-led, ethical action. Corethics’ work contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 6, 12 and 17. Facebook/Instagram/YouTube @Corethics